Lacoste x Roland Garros 2020

All the best moments at the tournament, as if you were there.
The champions on the board

Art Live Crocodile

A mural made up of 15 1.4m-high pannels that tell the story of world tennis. From René Lacoste to Novak Djokovic, via all the Lacoste team players and the future champions of tomorrow, the artist Greg has drawn from the heritage of Lacoste and Roland Garros while looking towards the future.

More than 45 players will come to life in a lively and unique hand in this new mural. The artist Greg will paint one panel per day during the fortnight and will reveal the entire mural in the weekend of the final.

?CREDIT Amelie Laurin
?CREDIT Amélie Laurin
?CREDIT Amélie Laurin
?CREDIT Amélie Laurin
?CREDIT Pauline Ballet
?CREDIT Jean-Charles Caslot

The Lacoste x Roland Garros 2020 collection

From iconic cuts to leaf prints, nuances in white, turquoise and clay: a collection for everyone who lives tennis as second nature, on court and day-to-day.

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In which year was Roland Garros first celebrated?

Everything began following the Davis Cup victory in Philadelphia in 1927 by the French team Brugnon, Borotra, Lacoste and Cochet ("the 4 musketeers"). Hoping to return the favor, the Americans decided to organize a return meet in July 1928. The city of Paris built the stadium to host the event. The name was chosen by the French Stadium in homage to one of its members who had disappeared 10 years earlier in 1918, the aviation pioneer Roland Garros. And the tournament become legend.

What are the names of the 4 stands of Roland Garros' main court?

Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste: since 2008, the stands bear the names of the four musketeers, the French tennis team from 1927, for whom Roland Garros was initially built.

Lacoste and Roland Garros, history since...

...1971, when the partnership between Lacoste and the Paris tournament began. In 2019, Lacoste became the official Premium Partner. Since then, the Crocodile dresses the umpires, ball boys and girls, and line judges, and of course the Team Lacoste players.

What name does the centre court of Roland Garros bear?

In 2001, the central court was rebaptised the Philippe Chatrier court, in homage to the former French player and sport leader Philippe Chatrier. With René Lacoste, they fought for tennis to be open to amateurs to allow them access to the top level and to become tomorrow's professionals.

How many times did René Lacoste win the French Tennis Internationals?

René Lacoste won the tournament three times, in 1925, 1927 and 1929. His last victory took place at Roland Garros and was the last in his career. From then on, he would always keep a foot on central court notably directing the French Tennis Federation from 1940 to 1943.

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